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Welcome to a 'World of Nesting Dolls!'

At Annushka, we are dedicated to the little Russian doll called Matryoshka who, for over 100 years, has been a symbol of nature, motherhood and the everlasting circle of life.

Dedicated: Our devotion to Russian dolls allows us to have what we believe is the largest and most comprehensive range of Russian dolls and gifts to choose from anywhere in the world!

Genuine: All our dolls are brought in direct from Russia. They are all uniquely hand made from seasoned natural wood using traditional skills passed down from generation to generation.

For truly unique gifts come and browse some of the most individual presents to be found anywhere.

Annushka On TV !

An exclusive set of Annushka Russian dolls appeared on the UK Science program 'How small is the Universe?'. Splitting the atom, splitting the dolls. A great analogy using our handmade 20 piece set. View the clip...

Annushka meets Kermit & Miss Piggy !

The hit Disney film ‘Muppets Most Wanted’, a comedy caper set in Europe, saw the main villain using a set of Annushka Russian Dolls, bought from our little shop, as part of his master plan! Click for more details...

Annushka Celebrates 5 Years in Business !

December 2014 sees us heading into our sixth Christmas season having set up store in September 2009. In that time over 1 million people have visited our site, allowing us to serve over 50,000 customers worldwide. Many thanks to all of you !!

All dolls made for Annushka are constructed using traditional methods passed down through generations. As every piece of wood has its own expansion characteristics, it is vital that the top and bottom sections are carved from the same piece of wood to create a lifetime fit. No measurements are made during the turning process; it is all done by eye making each set unique. The dolls are then hand painted and allowed to dry before being fitted together.

Russian Dolls 'Matryoshka' Museum Click here for a guide to Russia
Fair Trade

As a family business ourselves, we take pride knowing that all of our craftspeople receive a fair price for their work, helping to safeguard the industry.

Russian Folk Crafts Disappearing